Italy Nativity Sets

We are a Italian company of national and international level, which since 80 years makes available to its customers its great experience in the market of production and wholesale of artistic cribs . A vast online assortment of figurines and accessories characterized by expressions typical of Italian culture .

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Figures Medium

The pastel color recalls the colors of Renaissance paintings.

Scenes with figures

Rich in cork and moss they want to represent Italian landscapes.


Jesus is born in a crib inside a hut or cave.


In the scenes of the nativity can not miss the animals.

- Italy nativity Set -

Figures & Scenes
in motion

fires, fountains, flowing water
craftsmen who work ...

- Italy nativity Set -

Exhibitors &

envelopes, exhibitors, exhibitors with scenes
showcase boxes...

Hand painted

Each figure produced is decorated and painted by hand in the various finishes required by the market and the taste of the decorators.

Made in Italy

Each piece is a small work of art that expresses the costume and the classic colors of the crib and renaissance art world.

80 years experience

Production and wholesale of cribs, accessories and home decor exported to Italy and all countries of the world

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Italian art is a heritage of humanity. It was inspired by our sculptors who made the figures of the nativity scene in wax characterizing them with the movements and expressions typical of our culture.