The work cycle begins with the implementation of the model . It is performed by expert sculptors a give life, thanks to their imagination, to figurines in various sizes using wax and modeling a hand . Each piece is a small work of art that expresses the costume and the classic colors of the world crib and renaissance art.

Subsequently from the model a silicone rubber mold is born from which it is extracted the foundry plaster model . From this model, in the foundry, the mold is made metal in which, during the production phase, the liquid plastic material is injected using Injection machines.

Each figure is then decorated by hand in the various finishes required by the market and the taste of the decorators. The end of the production cycle consists of a strict quality control , to eliminate each imperfection , then in packaging.

Inside our factory we also make huts and accessories in wood, cork and moss. Fountains are born, working fires, moving figures that allow, above all children, can set the figures in an evocative scenery that recalls colors and colors characteristics of the wonderful Italian landscapes .